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What is Vim?

Vim is a text editor for programmers, power users & command-line junkies.

What is :best of Vim?

:best of Vim showcases the best plugins, extensions & tips for making the most of Vim.

It was built for NoVIMber 2011.

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A Different Diff

Are you still calling diff from the command line? Next time, try vimdiff (one word) instead and vim will open both files in diff mode. With syntax highlighting, split windows & code-folding all working for you, diffs become much clearer.

If you're hooked, try :diffthis to start diffing already-open buffers, and maybe :set diffopt=iwhite in your .vimrc to ignore differences in whitespace.

See :help diff for more and if you're a git user, consider installing fugitive - it makes excellent use of vim's diff mode.