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Showcasing the top Vim plugins, tips and tricks.

What is Vim?

Vim is a text editor for programmers, power users & command-line junkies.

What is :best of Vim?

:best of Vim showcases the best plugins, extensions & tips for making the most of Vim.

It was built for NoVIMber 2011.

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Change This String, And More...

gUi" converts everything within the current double-quotes to uppercase.

Many of vim's commands make more sense when you realise they form part of a language: they have verbs, nouns & grammar. Once you know gUi" (go uppercase in doublequotes), you can easily guess the command for "go uppercase in word" (gUiw), delete in single-quotes (di'), change in curly-brackets (ci{) and many others.

Learn the grammar and a little vocabulary, and suddenly the editor opens up to you.

See :help gU and :help motion for more.