:best of Vim

Showcasing the top Vim plugins, tips and tricks.

What is Vim?

Vim is a text editor for programmers, power users & command-line junkies.

What is :best of Vim?

:best of Vim showcases the best plugins, extensions & tips for making the most of Vim.

It was built for NoVIMber 2011.

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A collection of tips. Even seasoned Vim users should discover a feature or two they hadn't heard about.

Save yourself from an intermittent Vim frustration.
Quickly disable search highlighting until you next need it.
Make tweaks to your config more quickly.
Search & replace on a file path, without losing your mind.
Set up code folding for JavaScript
Make your vim linewrap display prettier.
Toggle Vim's diff mode easily
A quick tip to help you talk to your teammates
Edit all files that would match a search string.
Insert the current filename.
Command history made easy.
OCD? We can help.
Diffs want to be side-by-side. Vim wants to help.
Making other editors look desperately slow.
Vim knows the PATH you tread.