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It was built for NoVIMber 2011.

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BufExplorer is a buffer browser. Essentially it's :buffers on steroids. It lets you easily see, step through & choose any of the files or buffers that you've had open in this Vim session, like so:

" Press <F1> for Help
" Sorted by mru | Locate buffer | Absolute Split path
  1 %a    TODO      /some/where/          line 42
  2 #h    .vimrc    /Users/me             line 3 
  2  h    [No Name] /Users/me/Desktop     line 1

Along with NERDTree & Pathogen, BufExplorer is a feature you can imagine being built-in to Vim 8. Not new functionality, but a big improvement on what's already there.



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