:best of Vim

Showcasing the top Vim plugins, tips and tricks.

What is Vim?

Vim is a text editor for programmers, power users & command-line junkies.

What is :best of Vim?

:best of Vim showcases the best plugins, extensions & tips for making the most of Vim.

It was built for NoVIMber 2011.

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Top Tips

Save yourself from an intermittent Vim frustration.
Quickly disable search highlighting until you next need it.
Make tweaks to your config more quickly.
Search & replace on a file path, without losing your mind.
Set up code folding for JavaScript
Make your vim linewrap display prettier.

Best Plugins

Boilerplate code: Unavoidable. Now easy.
Find files, every if you can't remember where they are or what they're called.
List & choose from all your open buffers.
A huge improvement to Vim's built-in directory browser.
An easy way to make large, precise jumps within a buffer.
Easily manipulate surrounding quotes, braces, tags and more.